Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tips berpakaian HIJAU

Assalamualaikum ladies,
jom read tips to appear attractive when dressed in green.

GREEN - not the color of the year 2014 but it is still enchanting colors to be worn.

In this post we put EMERALD GREEN or dark green.
The darker shade for green.

Based on the diagram above, we have chosen four primary colors to suit worn by BLOUSE / TOP green.

3 main items: Shawl or hood, there is a bottom pants or skirts alike, and of course shoes.
Handbags up, can go with any natural je Colours.

According to the woman courageous spirit.
Red Green is the color counter block most striking.
The combination of the two colors will attract attention because of the red color is absolutely striking.

From the same color but softer.
Helping a more professional appearance and reserve.
Ideal if you are a cool & calm because this is a combination of two colors and soothing views of the body and soul.

Warna natural sesuai with most of colours seperti black juga.
Also suitable for penamilan mature and professional.
My personal feveret because not too obtrusive.
Not absorb excess heat so you definitely feel fresh.

Ideal worn with any color, including green is.
The combination of the two colors is appropriate if you wish to appear slim Lama, because it gives the illusion of a slim black on the wearer.
Black tends to absorb the heat, if for evening wear can be black,
if you can not stand the heat kind elakkan this color in daylight.

That's all the tips for this post. Thank you willing to stop by.

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